Can my Samsung Series 6 46" TV UN46F6400AF be added to the supported device list?

I am trying to get amazon to work with my (model number UN46F6400AF) 46" Series 6 TV added to smart things so I can turn it on and off with alexa devices (smart show 5, show 8, pixel 6). When I go to add the device to smart things under the Samsung products listed I cannot find my TV. My tv is wireless ready, connected, and samsung account is logged in. My tv has something called Smart Hub but I cannot search the Samsung apps and find SmartThings or Amazon Alexa. My firmware is on the latest update version. Can anyone help me? I just want to be able to use Alexa to turn my TV on and off, then display my Wyze cam whenever a person is detected. Not asking much. It already works with my FireTV

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Hey there! @whatsgoodshoog, Thanks for the tag, @JDRoberts. I’ve taken a look at your specific model’s features.

Unfortunately, based on the information this model is NOT capable of being onboarded into the ST Application as a controllable device for on/off power controls.

  1. If the model code of a device is not appearing as a ‘Supported Device’ in the list of Televisions, that model can not be on-boarded into the ST Application. It has the Smart Hub feature but it is not Smart Things Capable.

  2. This specific model does not have a built-in voice assistant or voice assistant integration as the device is unable to be on-boarded to Smart Things. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just not native or readily available.

  3. Smart Hub Features allow for browsing and downloading certain apps to your Smart TV, Smart Things App is not available for your model TV.

  4. Here is a Screenshot of available Smart Hub Features displaying the 5 Categories available:

  5. Unfortunately, there is no Wyze brand Integration with the Smart Things App so you would not be able to view person detection. I’ve read a few posts where users utilize iFTT but I’m not familiar with the Amazon Alexa and Wyze compatibility so I would refer you to speak with Wyze, Alexa, or maybe another community member might have more knowledge to see if a casting device such as Amazon firesticks that can be plugged into the HDMI port of your Television could possibly achieve your desired use case. Article on the differences between Fire TV and Firesticks:Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Amazon Fire TV: What's the difference | Cord Cutters News

  6. Your post did not clearly indicate if you have a Smart Things Hub for z-wave device control, but if you have a z-wave hub, then a Z-Wave Smart Plug would give the ability for on/off power controls. Alternatively (no hub), The resolution might be locating a preferred Wifi Smart Plug that works with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to gain on/off functions of the TV using the Smart Plug.

While the above-mentioned methods may require additional device(s) with the TV not being a certified supported device, I wanted to provide you with all the alternative options that I could locate.

I hope this message finds you well!


There are quite a few smart televisions which will work with an Amazon fire TV stick except they won’t power on by voice that way.

If you get the Amazon fire TV cube instead, it has a built-in IR blaster which can usually turn these on and off.

But if you already have the fire TV stick and like it, you can just add an IR blaster which works with smartthings. I myself use the SwitchBot mini hub for this. The manufacturer has provided a smartthings integration which is a little clunky but does work. Basically you have to set up a scene in the SwitchBot app that will turn the TV on or off and then you can access that scene in Smartthings like it was a switch.

Here’s my report on that product if you’re interested. It lists for $39 at Amazon. The topic title is a clickable link.