Can I use smartthings door sensors with other zigbee system?

I believe ST multipurpose door sensor (1gen) is zigbee device, and I wonder if it’d be possible to use them with system other than ST. Has anyone tried it?


As long as the other system supports the zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2) profile and allows you to either add a device fingerprint or assign it to a generic device handler, it should work.

The problem is that most other systems do not allow you to add new device fingerprints. This is why the SmartThings sensors do not work with The wink controller, although they should.

In a few cases, the other controller’s manufacturer has added the smart things sensor fingerprints to their system, and then they work fine. For example, securifi did this for their almond series in 2015.

Mostly, you just have to write to the other controller’s manufacturer and ask them.

Thanks @JDRoberts!

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I know this is an old thread but it might be usedul to someone

I’ve tried them with a veraplus and got them connected as a basic door sensor I didn’t manage to get them to report temp/motion
Same with the motion sensors no temp