Can I use additional parameters in integrationDeleted interactionType?

Recently(at least more than a 6 months ago), I’ve noticed that actual request message on integrationDeleted interactionType has additional parameter(“callbackAuthentication”), whose description seems not yet documented in the reference manual -

Example message with some comment is as follows.

	"headers": {
		"schema": "st-schema",
		"version": "1.0",
		"interactionType": "integrationDeleted",
		"requestId": "abc-123-456"
	"authentication": {
		"tokenType": "Bearer",
		"token": "token received during oauth from partner"
	"callbackAuthentication": { // not yet documented
		"accessToken": "access token received during oauth from SmartThings",
		"refreshToken": "refresh token received during oauth from SmartThings"

Even without documented description for each parameter, the meaning of those additional parameters seems quite straighforward to me.

But does anyone knows whether this additional parameters are either permanent or temporary?
Since I think that callbackAuthentication parameter is needed when dealing with multiple access tokens issued from SmartThings(e.g. use same credentials in a multiple end devices), which may not enough using only existing authentication.token value.
So if those parameters are just a temporary, I may not use those parameters.

p.s. Sorry if I classified this topic to a wrong category

Hello @blue9519,

The parameters of callbackAuthentication are the values given in the grantCallbackAccess interaction, in the integrationDeleted interaction, these values are shown again as a reference, for example, if you stored those values in a database, you can know which values will no longer be valid, because once the user logins again in the integration, new values will be created.

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I see, thank you very much!