Unlink smartthings from my app

I wonder if I could unlink smartthings account from my app according to the course below. If it is able to unlink, which url is suitable? thanks all.
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Hi, there!
The “Integration Deleted” interaction is called from the SmartThings side when:

  • We select the device created by our ST Schema Connector and delete it.
  • In the ST app, we go to Menu > Settings > Linked Services and delete the integration.

The third-party cloud can also call it by sending a stateCallback to the Schema connector (see the configuration sample for the stateCallback here):

  • The URL will depend on the endpoint you configured in your Connector’s server to receive the request from the Third-Party, in the example, the endpoint to receive the “stateCallback” and update the device state is /command
  • The difference with a common stateCallback is that to trigger the “integrationDeleted” interaction, you need to send a globalError so, the payload from the stateCallback would look like this:
  "headers": {
    "schema": "st-schema",
    "version": "1.0",
    "interactionType": "stateCallback",
    "requestId": "xxx-xxxx-xxx"
  "authentication": {
    "tokenType": "Bearer",
    "token": "token-received from SmartThings for callbacks" 
  "globalError": {
     "errorEnum": "INTEGRATION-DELETED",
     "detail": "The integration was deleted from the cloud"

Thanks to this interaction type, we can remove any saved configuration, tokens, etc. from the server.

Here’s an example using the ST Schema SDK:

I will have a try.
You help a lot! Thanks nayelyz!

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