Can I use 3 46204 (ge toggle dimmers) in a 4-way, instead of 1 46204 and 2 46200 AUX add ons

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Im redoing a 4 way, (4-way help) and was wondering if I can use 3 46204 (ge toggle dimmers) in a 4-way, instead of 1 46204 and 2 46200 AUX add ons… I want the blue light up feature in the 46204 as they are in a dark hall and want guests to see the switches. I know it costs more. I assume I would then just use the traveler and neutral posts.

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No, that’s not possible as far as I know.

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thank you.

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I think it would depend on your wiring. Can you get line, neutral and ground to every switch?

That’s not supported with the GE switches as far as I know.

It should be possible, I think, to put the one switch with the LED wherever you want. @ritchierich is the master of wiring!

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This is true, despite popular belief it’s not. You basically send the line to the box you want the master in using existing wiring. I have done it several times.

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Yes, I can get a line and neutral to every switch. Don’t have to do ground as it’s all hard grounded conduit.

Since I can’t have have lit ones at all three I’ll wire the middle one at the top stairs to be the blue glowing master. here’s what I was thinking: (4-way help) latest post: option 1: moved it to the top of the stairs.

If you can get line and neutral to all three, only one needs to control the load. Then you can create an automation to have all of them mirror each other.

It’s possible IF line and load are in the same box, one of the 3. Otherwise you won’t have enough wires to “send” line or load to another box along with power and neutral to your three 46204 Switches. Two of them would be a “no load” switch with just power.

Then as Jimmy @prjct92eh2 mentioned an automation can then mirror the three switches.

Perhaps a cheaper solution is to use the wall plates that have LED night lights built in.

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At a high level, you need to use one, preferably black, wire to get line and load to the box where you want the smart switch with the LED.

Each of the GE remotes needs a traveler wire back to the master plus a neutral.


Thats a great Idea. unfortunately it looks like they only work with dumb switches as it draws power from it that an AUX won’t have. :frowning:

GE aux switch traveler is actually 120v. They might actually work though traveler terminal is on wrong side.