Help with 12724 switch in 4 Way Configuration

  1. My first questions is can I have a 12724 in all 3 locations? It would be great to have dimming on each of the 3 switches.

  2. If not, can I have it on both of the 3-way switches, and then use the 122723 Add-On for the 4 way switch, OR - Do I need one of the 12724 and two of the 12723 switches?

I might need some wiring help after this, but for now I just want to make sure I have all the correct switches in the correct locations.

You need only one master 12724 and 2 add on 12723. You will have full dimming capability with the add on switches.
Before you start. Check your wiring configuration and be sure to have Line and Neutral at one of the switch box otherwise the smart switches won’t work due to lack of neutral.

Fyi I found this video extremely useful when I did my 4 way switch.

I found that too. He is using 2 Add-On switches. I want to know how many Dimmers I can use. I’d prefer to have one on every switch.

I installed with one dimmer and two addons. All 3 dim. The 2 addons I believe they dim by passing the dim instruction to the primary switch through the traveler. That’s just a hypothesis but I can confirm they all 3 dim. I am not sure where at this point but I thought I read that you can’t install 3 primary switches, but not positive on that.

^This is the correct answer.

You need only 1 dimmer and 2 aux switches. Multiple dimmers will not work. The aux switches pass dim function to the primary dimmer and will operate the dimmer.

Awesome news and thanks! The add-on switches don’t say anything about dimming, so I figured they just toggle.