3 gang zwave switch

I was browsing for a zwave switch and found this, does anybody know if this could be compatible and if you can get to controll 3 independent lights? i need 3 lights controlled on one box (or else i would have 9 switches in one wall)

This may be off topic, but have you looked into Hue or other connected bulbs instead or replacing the switch? You can then trigger each bulb with some type of sensor.

The problem is my family is not very tech-savy, they need actual switches for each light :smile: and hues are TOO expensive!

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That’s a triple load, z wave device, so yes 3 separate lights.The voltage and frequencies look like it should work in both the US and UK. getting 3 of them installed next to each other looks like it could be tricky if your in the US due to the size, it looks too big to fit in a single US gang box. The only multi load single gang zwave device i am familiar with is the Vizia rf+ VRCS2-MR, but it stops short at only 2 loads, though i know you can put 3 or them side by side.


If you do order one, make sure you specify which zwave frequency you need.

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How is it powered without a neutral? Maybe it needs a minimum load (like dimmers) for trickle through power? if so, guessing may not be compatible with LED, CFL…

But there is a second picture/model with a neutral.

Be good if someone can verify how the first version works - be good for us Brits without neutrals in wall switches.

Hi Eduardo,

did you make it work? please share if its working as i am interested in it too …


It’s working for me with ST, and its cheap at US35 per 3way switch !
Instructions below,