Can I poll camera's "currentImage" to get a 1-2 fps video


(Bill Nmeth) #1

Hey Guys,

My iOS app is integrating home monitoring cameras/surveillance cameras using my Web Service SmartApp. If the user had access to the cameras, at some point in the application I would like to display its/their live stream.
Is there any way to display videos of the camera in a third-party app?

I found I can take photo with cameras and get the $camera.currentImage:

If my iOS app is long polling my Web Service SmartApp repeting in 500ms, than I can show a “1-2fps video” in my iOS app.

What do you think, can this work?
May someone know, what is the format of the “currentImage”? And it’s resolution/size depending from the real camera device or may it have a standardized resolution?

Thanks you!