Can I include image/icon in a secondary_control text?

Th multiAttributeTile example of the thermostat at :

is showing a icon in the SECONDARY_CONTROL. How I can do this?


At the current time this is not a feature.

Perhaps in the future but won’t likely be soon.


I use SECONDARY_CONTROL for all my device types. As Tim stated, VALUE_CONTROL is a future feature. Here’s an example:

Here’s the code for that device. Look at lines 41, 55, and 204 (populates the text lines)

I talked about the SECONDARY_CONTROL. I want to include a “water drop” icon before the humidity value put in the secondary_control

Also the VALUE_CONTROL are displayed on IOS device. I didn’t test them but I can see the up and down arrow in IOS.

Got it, sorry about that. On Android, VALUE_CONTROL doesn’t even display.