Can I have more then one instance of "Switch Activates Home Phrase"?

I’ve created a virtual switch to turn all the lights off at night with a single button push or Alexa ask.
Now I’ve created a virtual switch to specifically open or close door lock. I want to be able to yell Alexa to “open door on” and have her perform that. So I am thinking of using the same app - “Switch Activates Home Phrase”. However, unlike “Smart Lights” I don’t see the way to make a second instance of the app, which will perform different task from the first instance.

Simply install it again, using the different switch. You can give the app a different name so you can keep them straight.

I knew it has to be very simple solution. :smile:

Thank you.

Ok, I just installed another instance of the “Switch Activates Home Phrase”, but I don’t think there is way to rename the smart app name. Now I have two of the “Switch Activates Home Phrase” one after another.

Use this one instead, it lets you name each instance – does the same thing.

“Button Runs Routine”, looking for the button and does not recognizes my virtual device.

It needs to be a Momentary Button Tile. You can create one in the IDE.

Hi guys, I seem to have an issue here. I download the smart app, but in the menu I am only getting to select the switch to use. Somehow the menu of which home phrase to activate seems to have dissapeared? Anyone having this issue???

Try Rule Machine instead. It can do all of this for you.