Can I have more then one instance of "Switch Activates Home Phrase"?

(SFBayArea) #1

I’ve created a virtual switch to turn all the lights off at night with a single button push or Alexa ask.
Now I’ve created a virtual switch to specifically open or close door lock. I want to be able to yell Alexa to “open door on” and have her perform that. So I am thinking of using the same app - “Switch Activates Home Phrase”. However, unlike “Smart Lights” I don’t see the way to make a second instance of the app, which will perform different task from the first instance.

(Bruce) #2

Simply install it again, using the different switch. You can give the app a different name so you can keep them straight.

(SFBayArea) #3

I knew it has to be very simple solution. :smile:

Thank you.

(SFBayArea) #4

Ok, I just installed another instance of the “Switch Activates Home Phrase”, but I don’t think there is way to rename the smart app name. Now I have two of the “Switch Activates Home Phrase” one after another.

(Bruce) #5

Use this one instead, it lets you name each instance – does the same thing.

(SFBayArea) #6

“Button Runs Routine”, looking for the button and does not recognizes my virtual device.

(Bruce) #7

It needs to be a Momentary Button Tile. You can create one in the IDE.

(Suresh Vilayanur) #8

Hi guys, I seem to have an issue here. I download the smart app, but in the menu I am only getting to select the switch to use. Somehow the menu of which home phrase to activate seems to have dissapeared? Anyone having this issue???

(Bruce) #9

Try Rule Machine instead. It can do all of this for you.