Can I group UI elements representing the same capability in the detail view?

I created a custom capability with several attributes. I was wondering if it is possible to have them displayed in the detail view within a single UI group, maybe something similar to how on the dashboard one device can represent several capabilities within a well defined UI element:

What I had for now, is that the 4 attributes appear in 3 separate visual groups - apparently grouped by display type - and the capability name is repeated in each of those groups:

Usually, they are grouped automatically in the detail view if they are part of the same component.

I know you may create a presentation to compose a single UI to the dashboard. It is very limited, but still possible.

The problem of creating a presentation in my opinion is that you would lose i18n and it would require to define dashboard, detail and automation views.
You can’t, for example, override only the default dashboard and keep detail and automation views as is.