Can I create a Strobe with Osram Garden Spots?

Afternoon All,

I have some OSRAM Garden Spot lights that I use for my front yard. I thought (for Halloween) it would be a nice effect to enable strobing on these lights.

That seems simple in and of itself because I would write the app to send the switch.on() then command at intervals and then repeat until I turn off a virtual switch.

My question is: Is the OSRAM capable of strobing (on/off rapidly)?

the hub is not you would not get better response than every 1-2 seconds which is not fast enough for a strobe…

Lookup the “Flasher” app and combine it with the 'Occupancy Simulator" to keep the Flasher cycling.

You are correct sir… thank you for the quick feedback

hey @JDogg016 I was wondering are the garden lights really bright? To where it will light up a walking bath (say sidewalk up to the house)? I am thinking about getting them, just want them to be worth the money. I would like to do away with my solar crap lights.

I find their brightness level to be just fine. I use them to illuminate my walk way to my front door and they cast a nice hue against some shrubbery I have.

Wife loves the look (sometimes that’s all that matters).

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Thanks for the info! Then I’m sure my wife will like them too…

@JDogg016 something i forgot to ask you. Are the lights able to connect with out the wemo hub?

It can be connected straight. There’s an official devicetype for it and everything.

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I see this is a old thread but let me try… I just got the lights and I mounted them on a soffit facing down (looks amazing) I was wondering if I can change the light colors to mimic flags for 4th of July for example, or have every other bulb a different color, or any different effects of that nature. Perhaps give them the running light effect like KIT from Knight rider.

Unfortunately, none of those options for effects are available. The lights only operate in unison.

Edited: Just saw your question in the other thread. Osram has enabled color loops where all the lights fade across the various hues together. You’ll need to update the firmware of your Gardenspots via the Lightify Gateway though, and even then, if you are in the US, then the color loop only works when connected to the Lightify Gateway via the Osram App right now. If you are in the EU, I’ve created a custom device handler that can activate and control the color loop function. Hopefully I can get it working for the US version too.

That would be very neat!

Yea I saw that, I updated my osram high hats and now I can’t get the soft white hue that I’d get from a conventional incandescent bulb. I think it’s a mixture of that and the ST temp control slider going from 0-100 instead of using the actual temperature degree. It’s driving me mad because no matter what I can’t mimic that soft white color. I haven’t updated the garden lights yet, perhaps today. I’m a US resident so if you can get that working that would be amazing