Can I control ST devices via internet (at work) Ie:Schlage lock

Hi… I purchased a Schlage Connect smart lock and it’s linked to Smartthings Hub and works just fine at home. However I see that Schlage specs says no integration with Iphones just androids. So that’s kind of wonky.
Are there work arounds via other apps to integrate with smartthings so that I can control the lock when I’m away from home? I had purchased the Schlage “sense” thinking it would connect the lock but it only works with the Encode and their Sense locks, not the “Connect lock”. I’m wondering if IFTTT or Alexa work from outside the network that might get my control of the lock to the ST hub? The Schlage folks tell me all control of this lock must be done thru the ST app. I’m stumped.

Where did you see this? There is an ST app for the iPhone/iOS

New ST app:

ST Classic app:

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Here is a copy/paste of the info. I just searched for: Control devices remotely with the SmartThings app. Cloud Control is an option within the SmartThings app that allows you to control added devices and run automations when you’re away from home. This option is not currently available to the iOS SmartThings app.

When I go into settings on my iPhone, iPad etc. there is no option for “cloud” control. Hmmm…

Can you post a link? The SmartThings app work fine on my iPhone for controlling my Schlage connect lock.

Not sure if I was clear in the original post… I’m referring to connecting off the web, thru ST to then control my Schlage Connect lock “remotely” with my iOs devices. Their Sense and Encode locks work via wifi or their Sense hub. Schlage says the connect won’t link with their app nor Sense Connect hub. So I’m sending the Sense hub back. The guy did say tho that I should be able to control the lock remotely via ST. But the ST docs say “not” with iphone etc…

I think that article means the setting isn’t available on iOS. (I’ve never seen that setting)

Does your mobile app look like the one in the images in that article? Those images are from an older version of the mobile app.

My app doesn’t show “cloud” anywhere in it’s settings. I’ll just have to try my ST app when I’m away from the house and see if it can control my home devices. Would be great if it were that simple! Thks

It is that simple. I was just in Greece for 3 weeks and controlled several devices, including locks and switches while I was there (my home is located in the US).

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First rule of home automation: the model number matters. That applies to the hub as well.

I’m assuming that you are in Australia from what you’ve posted so far. Do you have the Australian version of the hub which is available through RACV? If so, it uses a different cloud then the one which is used for the US and the UK, which is why the app is different with regard to cloud control.

These are the instructions for the Australian version of the smartthings app which is for the RACV hub model. (I realize you already know this, I’m just putting this here for the other people who have been participating in the thread and may not have realized there were significant differences.)

Also, as you’ve noted, the Schlage connect lock is very different in terms of its integrations than the schlage sense. The connect can work with SmartThings, the sense Cannot.


The Schlage Connect specs say it not compatible with Apple HomeKit [not iPhones/IPads/iOS].

That is correct. This is true for many companies: they make one model line that works with HomeKit and a different model line that works with zwave or Zigbee. For example, Fibaro does this.

The Schlage connect line can be fitted with either a Z wave or a Zigbee radio module. Either will work with smartthings but will not work with HomeKit.

The schlage Sense lock has a Bluetooth radio. It will work with HomeKit, but not smartthings.

First rule of home automation again: “the model number matters.” or in this case, the model name. :sunglasses:

But with regard to this thread, the OP appears to be in Australia. The smartthings hub that is available there is a different model from the ones available in the US or the UK. And it has a different version of the app. And that specific version of the app has some features in the android version that are not available in the iOS version. Nothing to do with HomeKit in this case.

However, I am still waiting on the OP to confirm that they are in Australia and have the Australia hub that was distributed through RACV. :sunglasses:

Yea I probably should have gotten the Schlage Sense lock with it’s built in Wifi. I wanted to be able to configure the lock via the Schlage app and not deal with the keypad on the outside of the door. But the wifi part isn’t likely to be needed all that much. Having my lock connected in ST is good enough for all my needs and it works nicely.

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The schlage sense lock itself doesn’t have Wi-Fi. It’s a Bluetooth device. It communicates with their Wi-Fi adapter, which is what gives them integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you are only going to use HomeKit, you can use the schlage sense lock without the Wi-Fi adapter and have remote control via HomeKit.

But either way, it won’t work with smartthings.

When you switch off Wi-Fi on your phone, the control / data will be like you are away. You need to have mobile data available on your phone.

Grtn Ben

Hi. I think I have it working with several settings on the iPhone on. What exactly do I need to have running on the phone or “NOT” for the geofencing feature to lock/unlock my door when I leave my house? I presume cellular ON, but do I also need to have ST mobile app running in the background as well? Normally I have all apps shut down on my iPhone when I leave the house. The only one I might have on is Etune which links my car’s apps to cellular then web. Thanks for the help.

I’ll have to tag @prjct92eh2 on that question since we’re mostly an Android device family and it’s been a few months since I’ve set up my daughter’s iPhone.

Until you answer the question of whether you are in Australia And are using the Hub model distributed through RACV, I don’t feel we can help you any further. :disappointed_relieved:

I understand if you feel that’s a privacy issue for some reason and you don’t want to answer, but because that particular model uses a different version of the app, there’s just not much anyone can say to help you if they don’t have the information that you have that particular model.

If you have a different version of the hub, that’s fine, just let us know the model number. Different hub models will work in different ways in this regard.

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Sorry I got side tracked and forget to replay. No I’m in the USA. I didn’t realize the link I posted was from the AU until after I posted it.

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