Can I connect a smart thing Z-wave device through a Z-wave extender connected to the Samsung hub?


A while ago, my Schlage got disconnected from my Samsung Hub v.3

To my lack of experience, I dismantled my Schlage and brought it over next to my hub and tried to pair it. It was a pain.

A few days ago I bought a Samsung Zwave outlet extender and placed it in the distance between my Schlage and Hub.

And yesterday, the Schlage got disconnected again.

Instead of dismantling my Schlage, I was wondering if I could connect my Schlage via the outlet zwave extender.

(Also, I failed to consider doing the exclusion/repair zwave thing.)


In short, it depends on what repeating device you have. And I’d bet that yours doesn’t support the AES128 encryption required for the secure join command.

  1. go get a realllly long ether net cable (this won’t be the last time you have to do this and the time and wear and tear on that really expensive lock will be worth the 25-30 bucks.

  2. read this entire thread to get a good idea of why you need to do this and how you can make life better.: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?