Can cancel cycle but not start cycle (smartthings scenes / smartthings command API)

I bough a brand new AI Ecobubble , 11kg, here in The Netherlands. The firmware of the device updated automatically.

My issue: After starting and immediately pausing a cylce. I would like to ‘resume’ the cycle with an automated program (when energy prices are low).

I tried with the smartthings api (Proposed Capabilities | SmartThings Developers):

      const deviceId = 'xyz-abc-aaa-blablabla-oelalaa'
      const status = await axios($, {
        url: `${deviceId}/status`,
        headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${this.smartthings.$auth.token}` },
      const currentState = status.components.main.washerOperatingState.machineState.value
      if (currentState === 'pause') {
         await axios($, {
           url: `${deviceId}/commands`,
           headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${this.smartthings.$auth.token}` },
           method: 'POST',
           data: {
             commands: [{
               capability: 'washerOperatingState',
               command: 'setMachineState',
               arguments: ['run'],

If I replace ‘run’ with ‘stop’, the REST call cancels the current cycle! Nice! But why is start a blocked.

I think it is blocked because I also tried making a scene in the smartthings android app, which just ‘starts the cycle’ but this does nothing as well. Not from a paused state, or from a stopped state.

My issue is fixed. I didn’t know how to turn on ‘remote control’.

I have however another issue now because the machine goes into standby after 24h. So I cannot use remote control after more then 24h.

Hi @Some_Shrimpie, I will like to help you but I need understand more your context
1- What do you mean by remote control? Are you referring to your custom program?
2- Why can you not use the remote control? Are you receiving an error or do you send the command but the device is doing nothing?

Remote control … when your press the last button on the machine. So you can start the cycle with http smartthings.

As I mentioned in my previous post the machine shuts down after 24h.

SmartThings appliances typically have a “Smart Control” physical button, which allows the smartthings app to send Control instructions to the machine. You will see this on washers and ovens.

Once this button is pressed, then, and only then can you use the app to control the appliance.

In some languages, this is translated as “remote control“ instead of “smart control,” but it’s the same function.


Quite a few models have the automatic reset after 24 hours. It’s considered some kind of safety feature, but I agree, it can be annoying. I don’t think there’s any way to override it though. :thinking:

From the dryer user manual:

The Stay Connect function will remain active for up to 24 hour if the door remains closed.

You might be able to use a SwitchBot button pusher (essentially a robot finger) to push the button each day, but I don’t know if it requires capacitive touch or not. :thinking: end it would be a pretty expensive way to add the functionality since you need both the button pusher and SwitchBot hub. But it might be doable.

( I am quadriparetic, so I use some switchbot button pushers in my own home for buttons which are too difficult for me to push. But that’s a different value proposition than most able-bodied people have.)

Haha funny :joy:. A button presser. My current workaround is too play/pause the machine through the app when it wasn’t triggered after almost a day.

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