Can anyone help? Looking for an “if this has not happened by x time each day, please alert me”

Hey there developer friends, trying to learn more in the world of smart home tech - and quickly realizing it is a mine field haha!

I am looking for a way to have my smartthings hub alert me if by a certain time each day a tilt sensor has not changed state. I use IFTT also - but cannot figure out a way to do this multiple if/and statement. Can anyone out there help?

Much appreciated in advance!
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See if this helps (this is a clickable link)

Have you tried Stringify? Allows multiple’s

You can do this with a custom smart home monitor rule

Sounds like a job for Webcore.

If tilt sensor changes, then set variable tilt=yes
Every day at X, say “The tilt sensor did/did not change”
Set variable Tilt=no (to reset for next day)