Can a zwave outlet detect when plugged in device is in use?


So my driveway gate is nearly 400ft from my home that runs on solar power and I want my Arlo cam to record a 10 second clip when someone is at it.

My plan. I have a Minimote which I am going to use to control the gate. I purchased a $20 wireless doorbell that has a 1000ft of range. I am going to put it at my gate with the receiver in my home. I will put the receiver on a zwave outlet so when the doorbell is rung the outlet will detect that the receiver has rung that will then trigger my Arlo cam to record. Will that work?


Get an outlet with energy usage reading

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As pointed out some zwave outlets can monitor current in use, however I’m confused as to how that’s going to solve your problem.

I’m assuming the Minimote is going to be used to open/close the gate and you want a way to trigger actions (such as record video) when someone is at your gate?

If you plan on having the Minimote in your home, 400ft is really pushing the distance limits of zwave, your going to need a device (or two) in middle to repeat signals. I am assuming that the trigger circuit is not wired the 400ft into the home here.

The Minimote its self won’t open the gate, your going to need some kind of dry contact relay on the trigger circuit. The button push on Minimote would close the circuit but you would still need to add some logic to open the circuit again after a second or two.

The doorbell button idea is a good start, but I don’t think it’s going to work the way you think. First I would rather do something with a motion detector over the doorbell idea, z wave motions are not that expensive. As far as using a current sensing outlet on the power source for doorbell, probably not going to work. The doorbell will always be drawing current, in use or not. The device might draw a small amount of extra current when running, but I wouldn’t trust that as a trigger. If you really want to use the door bell as a trigger, you would need to wire in another relay on the chime circuit so that when the doorbell rings the relay triggers. Something like this should work: [RELEASE] Nexia Doorbell Sensor (DB100Z) Device Handler

Ahh sorry it should have been mimolite that will be installed at the gate. I am hoping with that and my exterior plug that has 300ft of range plus the mimolite range that it will hit. If not I will rig up another zwave device, probably exterior plug via solar in the middle by my shed.

Okay good idea, I ruled the motion sensor out due to traffic etc. By the road however false recordings aren’t a big deal. Once the doorbell is rung we can then bring us Arlo or ST to see whose car is there.

The distance is going to be my biggest challenge if I need a 3rd device to help repeat. No battery powered devices repeat correct? Think some sort of solar powered option might be my only bet. Don’t want an extension cord run as that isn’t a good long term solution.

Correct, I’m not aware of any battery powered repeaters, the power consumption is just too high.

Ive personally never had issues where a Zwave network needed to be repeated, but I have seen plenty of posts around here were people suggest a simple zwave light bulb as the best solution. There is almost always a light socket around.

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Think I might try the Aeotec smart switch 6 in an exterior outlet. My home has large over hangs and I am willing to risk the device failing. I cannot find any good Zwave Plus options.