Affordable Z-Wave plug to extend my hub's range to Go Control Garage Door Opener

Even though Go Control Garage Door Opener says its range is 100ft, it keeps going offline when it in my detached garage 50ft away from my hub. So, I have a Wemo mini Wi-Fi smart outlet mid-way in the backyard and was thinking of swapping it with a Z-Wave outlet to see if it helps with the disconnections. Any recommendation of something solid and affordable that’d do the job?

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The range is up to 100’, but lots of architectural features can reduce that, and garages are often some of the worst because of big metal items, concrete, extra insulation in the walls, etc.

Anyway, is it in a sheltered location? GE makes an outdoor pocket socket that works very well and has a lot of weatherproofing, but it is more expensive than some of the ones intended for indoor use.

If the location is sheltered, the zooz plug-ins are very popular and work well as repeaters.

If you’re going to plug anything into it, though, check the specs as the Zooz can only handle A total of 10 A for both outlets.


It is in a covered area in backyard, so I could go with the Zooz. I have a light string plugged there so I should و uld be OK. Thanks!

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I’m using a zwaveplus bulb (Ge Enbrighten) (But a Inovelli bulb will work too) in my post light which is halfway between the house and garage.

You just have to watch because you can only have so many hops (4 I believe)


I first tried Zooz but couldn’t get much extended coverage from it, so had to repurpose it to another location. But got a GE indoor double plug and it’s been great!