Virtual temperature / humidity tile

Hi all

Looking for a way to have a tile display of temperature or humidity which is updated from another device.

Used to be able to do this with a virtual temperature / humidity sensor and Webcore, where the virtual device value would update as soon as the parent device’s value changed.

Since the loss of Webcore, I was not able to find a way to do this with Routines. From what I saw, Routines can only monitor for digital state change of a device and cannot set an analog value to match another device.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting. So I have an old SmartThings brand Zigbee water leak sensor that also happens to measure temperature. With this tile I could pull out those readings and have them report as a separate device?

You need to write a Rule using the Rules API to transfer data from a physical device to a virtual device. The following link should help.


Thanks. I’ll start there. Believe that code sets it by time, I would like it to monitor the source device for changes. Also would like to do temp and humidity together. I have a lot to learn about Rules!

There are example Rules here and this is the Rules Documentation that shows the different trigger conditions. In your case, I think you’ll want “Changes” for the temperatureMeasurement and relativeHumidityMeasurement capabilities.

More examples