Virtual device for average temp?

Is it possible to create a virtual device of some type, and then populate it with an average temperature from CoRE?

I have a global variable that is an average of several temp sensors. I want to assign that value to some type of device (virtual thermometer?), and then display that device in SmartTiles.


I suspect that something like this is best done with a simple SmartApp, unless you are really trying to avoid learning some Groovy.

I’ve not experimented enough with CoRE to see what’s easy, hard, and/or “impossible”; but when something is really easy with a custom SmartApp (and not absolutely trivial with CoRE…) I still highly recommend a custom SmartApp.

This is also not a unique use case for a SmartApp … so you may find it already written, or be able to make a contribution to the Community!


I know that there are a couple of virtual thermostat apps that can take temperatures from multiple sensors. Not sure how it would implement into CoRE though.


What is the best one, and where can I find it?

I assume that I can add the virtual thermostat to SmartTiles for a temperature display?

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As long as the DTH claims (and implements) Capability “Temperature” you can create a Temperature Tile.

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I did something like this a long time ago. I can’t remember if it works. Feel free to give it a try. From what I remember you can ignore the “trigger” part and just use it to set the temperature of the virtual device.

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Sorry to ask you here, but for some reason I can’t set up the smartapp, always returning the error "Something’s wrong - We can’t load your screen right now."
Tapping then the Retry button doesn’t do anything. Same result. Help please? Does the smartapp needs to be updated?

Do you have a screenshot by any chance?

You might be encountering a temporary SmartThings platform problem; or, well, the IDE environment can be pretty fussy sometimes and it’s easy to annoy it with a little mistake :wink:.

no sorry, I got annoyed by it (but really more at smartthings for not making it easy to do such things) and I uninstalled it completely.

Yah… SmartThings definitely rides the line between fun challenge and … annoying challenge.

If you swing around again, don’t hesitate to post here. Your use case - averaging the temperature of multiple sensors - is actually something that would be pretty difficult or downright impossible with most of the competition, believe it or not.

SmartThings may not make it super easy (especially if this is your first customization), but the resulting success would be really cool!

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