Camera image push to ST?

I’m hoping to find a solution to taking an email with attached image pushed by my D-Link camera and pushing the notification and image to my iphone as a notification. A low-latency solution would be preferred here, I want to use this as both a doorbell and notification when anyone unexpected happens to show up in the camera’s motion detection field outside my door.

I have the camera firing the motion detection triggered emails but having trouble looping this into ST.

i’m kinda shooting in the dark here but i think but just sending it as a mms should work. I’m not sure how looping it though smartthings would help but this is where i’d start.

Hi Luke- I’m interested in the same thing. Having the single png image my qcam home security cameras send on motion the email to smartthings as an event that might allow me to decided to have some other rule occur such as “Turn on Lights” or even just have ST send me the notification of the image in my activity feed.

I wonder how others are leveraging that single (every 30 seconds or every 1minute) email with camera pic into their home automation?

Between having an existing security system and cameras not tied into ST I’m really looking for others in the same boat to learn how to centralize activity through ST even if I don’t connect these things to be controlled in any way from ST.