Send Image or URL with push notification?

I have a motion sensor that sends a push notification but I’d also like to get it to send either an image or a URL to an image. Or display an image in a smart app and have a quick way of getting to it from the push notification.

Do you have a camera that can do this?

I have a camera setup that I can access a still JPG via a URL. So at the moment, I get a push notification then I open my browser and check the URL. However, I’d like to capture the image from the URL at the time of the event and send it directly to the smart things app on my phone.

Any luck in this??

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No, couldn’t find a way to do it, not spent much more time on it unfortunately.

Best I could do so far is take a snapshot from my piston and send the Push notification. But I then have to open the ST app, to look at the picture from the Carousel of the Camera.
Would love to be able to push this picture too!