Buzzing Dimmer or too many lights?

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Hey Guys,

Having some buzzing dimmer issues. I have 6 rececessed lights each with a Philips LED BR30 Light. (9w draw)

I replaced my standard dimmer with a Linear 500z (with Neutral). In the middle ranges of dimming I heard some pretty loud buzzing from the dimmer but at 0 and 100% it was just fine. I needed to replace another switch on my chandelier so I thought i would try a different setup to see if it helps. I moved the 500z over to my chandelier (no buzzing at any %) and installed a GE Dimmer (No Neutral) - 45639. This seems to be an even worse buzzing situation plus some of the lights look like they stutter as it dims up and down.

Is there any dimmer worth a damn out there for this setup or so I just need to put an on/off switch in there and be done with it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



What’s the exact model of the Phillips Bulb? (BTW, The no neutral Z wave switch models will almost always have more buzzing than the ones that use a neutral.)

(Matt Cohen) #3

Philips 462143 Dimmable 65 Watt Equivalent Soft White BR30 Dimmable Led
Light Bulb


Is it the switch or the bulbs buzzing? I have a GE Z-wave dimmer (12724) in my kitchen with 5 BR30s and got a good bit of buzzing when not at 100 percent, but it was the bulbs. I replaced the bulbs and the buzzing is still there ever so slightly at around 30% or less, but not noticeable unless I am listening for it and its quiet. I have the same setup also in the kitchen with 2 BR30s and same bulbs and no buzzing at all.