Button Press = Chime (Switch) on Zooz Smart Chime?

Hello -

Can anyone help??

I am looking for a smartapp that will allow me to select a “button push” at which point it will flip the switch on an actual device.

Use case…

Button is pressed on my Skybell
Chime inside house (set up as switch and working) will be turned on.

Period - end of sentence…seems to me that this is pretty basic (I am not a programmer) but man o man, it is driving me nuts - prob spent 4 hours looking for a way to accomplish.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Assuming the skybell has been set up in your SmartThings system

You can use the official smart lights feature to do this. You just pick the switch that you want to come on and then choose “button” as the trigger and select the skybell button there.

Although it’s called “smart lights” that feature can be used for any Switch, and that includes your chime. :sunglasses:

Hello JDRoberts,

Thanks, but this doesn’t work - been down this road. I have a feeling that as i am using the Zooz Smart chime, since it has a “light” feature, it trips over itself. I have the device handler working for it, etc…

I am however able to generate a “get notified when” message - press the doorbell, ST provides a notification that the button has been pressed, so i know i can get things to pull off the button touch…which is a step in the right direction.

Just looking for a button press / switch activation (non light related)

It’s Killing me…



You’re right, this Zooz is a complex device with multiple endpoints and doesn’t work quite as simply as the plain switch devices.

What device type handler are you using for the chime? That will determine what options are available for smartapps to use.

one specifically for the zooz smart chime that someone created -

so, the fact that i can get notified (push and text) when the skybell is pressed, leads me to believe that it is possible…as i mentioned, i used the :“notify me when” code for that, physical device “skybell” triggers the zooz switch that plays a sound.

Essentially trying to rig this up so that when someone presses the skybell, i will hear the chime it inside if my phone is in another room or on another floor.


Can you upload custom audio to that zooz chime device?

Eric. I don’t. Believe that is an option.

Use the “Turn on & Set Level” option in Smart Lighting and set the “Dimming Level” field to the sound number you want to play. (10% = chime 1, 20% = chime 2, …, 100% = chime 10)

I’d appreciate it if you could change the link that’s going directly to my GitHub code so that it goes to the forum topic or just delete it.

I’d prefer to have people ask questions on that topic instead of posting them as issues in GitHub or posting them to other topics like this one because I won’t receive an immediate notification.

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Hello Good Sir…\

I removed the link to your code - sorry about that…

So i tried your suggestion…

Smart Lighting…

Which Lights to Control? Zooz Chime
What do i want to do? Turn on and Set Level
Dimmer Level 90%

How do i want the action to trigger - Button Pressed/Held
Which Button - Skybell Doorbell
Toggle On/Off - Yes

To no avail, i push the button and the only thing i get is that notification i described earlier from the “notify me when” smartapp i installed. so ST is able to recognize the button push.

once again, any assistance is appreciated - i enjoy the zooz as i felt it had great potential to do what i wanted it to do…


i thought i would share this code…

This is the notification chime that works when my front door is opened with the Zooz alarm - maybe this might help you…


  • Toggle When Open

name: “Chime on Front Door Open”,
namespace: “”,
author: “Bruce Ravenel”,
description: “Toggle a switch when a contact opens”,
category: “My Apps”,
iconUrl: “https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-icons/Convenience/Cat-Convenience.png”,
iconX2Url: “https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-icons/Convenience/Cat-Convenience@2x.png”,
iconX3Url: “https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-icons/Convenience/Cat-Convenience@2x.png”)

preferences {
section(“Select Contact and Switch”) {
input “myContact”, “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Choose your contact sensor”, required: true, multiple: false
input “mySwitch”, “capability.switch”, title: “Choose your switch”, required: true, multiple: false

def installed() {

def updated() {

def initialize() {
subscribe(myContact, “contact”, contactHandler)

def contactHandler(evt) {
if(evt.value == “open”) if(mySwitch.currentSwitch == “off”) mySwitch.on() else mySwitch.off()

Toggle On/Off should be set to No and you need to specify the button number.

If those changes don’t fix the problem then select a light as the device to turn on instead of the Zooz Smart Chime. If the light won’t turn on either then the problem is unrelated to Zooz Smart Chime.

The code you posted does the same thing as Smart Lighting.

I bet that if you disable the Toggle When Open SmartApp, change the trigger in Smart Lighting to Open/Close, and choose your front door as the device it will work the way its supposed to.

If it does, then that confirms that the problem is unrelated to the Zooz Smart Chime.