Button (fibaro) triggers random devices

So all my house is working with buttons with fibaro controllers behind them.

Every now and then, when I press a button, it triggers random things around the house.

Recent examples

  • Play Room LED button/fibaro RGBW triggers Garage Door to open/close
  • Bathroom Mirror LED button/fibaro RGBW triggers half of the devices in the house (chaos mode!!)

For your reference, I do not have any smart apps attached to those buttons, they are not connected physically with any wiring.

I have no clue why this is happening, any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


Can anybody help?

Twice I had a Fibaro RGBW controller turn on a device without asking, it’s very disconcerting, I found factory resetting the problem device stopped it.

Update: So I just realised that this ONLY happens with my Fibaro RGBW switches, and it ONLY affects other RGBW switches and rollers. Does that help?

Solution: So after spending a few minutes with Fibaro technical support, they told me that this is a known issue and the firmware of my fibaro devices needs to be updated (must be version 2.8). I was very happy to hear that there is a solution to this problem and I could finally operate everything in my house normally. But then… they told me the bad news, “since you are not using the Fibaro Hub and you are using ST hub, we are not able to log in remotely and update them for you, so you need to disconnect all your Fibaro devices and send them to Poland to be updated with the latest firmware.” Of course I told them that they must be crazy as I have 138 Fibaro devices in my home and it would take ages to uninstall them and send them, but it would also paralyze my house!

So now I am hoping that Fibaro will get back to me with a more realistic solution. At least now I have identified the problem… lets see how it goes…

@anon36505037 ,

Have you found a way to update your Fibaro’s ?