Burgled today and its on smart things camera

thanks… will check it. its shocking that this isn’t reported in the APP and a huge potential security breach as I’ve seen here. we are lucky the burglar tried the doors.

I use the following and have alerts set up to inform me if any device doesn’t check in within 24 hours. It’s very helpful. I did a zigbee heal last week after installing a few keen vents and it notified me that my back door contact sensor stopped checking in.


thanks - is there an easy guide how I install that - looks well handy to let me know when stuff is down

Do the following:

  1. Go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/
  2. Login and then click on My Locations, then click on your hub name.
  3. login again
  4. Click on My Smartapps
  5. Click on New Smartapp (Green Button)
  6. Select From Code, then copy and paste the device code from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/krlaframboise/SmartThings/master/smartapps/krlaframboise/simple-device-viewer.src/simple-device-viewer.groovy
  7. Click Create, then Click Publish For Me
  8. On your SmartThings app on your phone, go into the automations tab
  9. Then go to SmartApps, Add a SmartApp
  10. My Apps, Simple Device Viewer and continue instructions on screen

Hey @lookalikey, Did you get your video?

nope not got my video… I’ve tried installing android emulators on my pc and mac - can’t get them to work with smartthings app… and even a friend dropped round their android phone… and when I tried - the dashboard view doesn’t work…

thank you!

@lookalikey Do I have permission to see if I can get the file from your account?


Yes please

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following with great interest!

Any luck @slagle ?

Trying. We’ve never done this before so we have to see if it is possible. In theory it should be though. Also this doesn’t really fit into our realm of normalcy so it has to go through some approvals first.

You have my approval.

I have the hd plus that’s not supported by smart-things only because after a month Samsung had still not shipped me the pro that I had ordered…any was so I may not much help.
There is no SD card? or even internal memory the video is stored on the hub it self?
I have used the bluestacks emulator for android it seems to work good.
just install the ST app on bluestacks then you could use a video capture program on you PC or use another Android app.

Good luck and I hope you get them…

thanks - downloaded bluestacks … someone mentioned you can download clips with smart things on android - but i can’t get it to download… issue with using pc video capture tool is it doesn’t get very good quality…

oh i take it back - I can download with the app on android via bluestacks… i just need to find where the files go :slight_smile:

HURRAH. Success. Managed using bluestacks to download videos and then copy across to my PC - so they are now with the police as evidence. Thanks everyone for the help - @Slagle you can stand down now.

I’m still concerned that my sensor for the window that was smashed in the break in was not active - this surely should be monitored as part of teh app to notfiy you of any ‘dead’ sensors etc… ?




You would think so but low/dead battery just doesn’t work without an additional app same with it not reporting. :frowning: Frustrating I know.

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I was just saying, Why is there not an Offline status for these sensors?

Seems odd that you can not download videos for “security” cameras natively…

I hope ST implement something that will allow users to easily do this. I use Blink Cameras and I can download the videos from the app easily.