Bundling Presence Sensors

Is there a way to bundle two or more presence sensors? For example, I have two cars and each has a Presence Sensor in a glove compartment. But I’m the only driver. I’d like ST to understand either of the cars leaving as me being Away (I know about the phone presence thingy, it’s not sufficient in my particular case).

You may want to look at www.automatic.com which is car specific. It interfaces with IFTTT which may allow you to do what you want with SmartThings.

You just need two SmartApps installed (one changing your mode to away for each sensor), rather than the default “Everyone leaves” state.


So, there is no built-in way, then. Thanks.

I too would like to assign multiple presence sensors to a single person in the ST app.
But instead of actual presence sensors, I am using two unreliable virtual sensors:

  1. “Using the smartphone as presence sensor”
  2. Life360 SmartApp
    I thought of creating a custom device type which takes in the two presence sensors and spits out one position combining the readings (pick the most recent reading, or a simple “AND”/“OR” between the two).
    Can this be done (i.e., can we read location/presence and last updated information from the above virtual sensors)?

Wouldn’t mind seeing this be built-in in the future myself.