Presence Manager 1.1 Released

I’m working on a smartapp to make presence tracking more accurate and I would like some feed back and ideas.
The app I’m testing updates a virtual presence sensor based off based of the input of other sensors, like motion, accelerometer, contact, presence and door lock code. For now only 1 of each sensor is allowed. Examples that I’m currently testing are; Set as present when door is unlocked with a code, Set as present as long as there in motion every 2 hours in the bedroom, set as away only if you are not interacting with any of the other sensors and your physical presence sensor is away.

The idea is to make this a comprehensive solution for anyone having presence reliability issues. Any feed back or use case scenarios would be greatly appreciated.

Presence Manager 1.1 is now live! Enjoy!
Code and instructions:

Just the raw code:

Support for this device\app is by donation only:


This is what I did.

The trick at our house with any of these approaches is something that can independently track two people in one household, while not being fooled by a large dog.

Presence Manager 1.0 is now live! Enjoy! Feed back is welcome!


Just came across your app. How is this project going? I cannot believe that it didn’t get more traction in the community…

Slowly, i think it’s missing a few features before that will happen. Mainly 2 factor presence IE presence sensor + motion or contact to change master presence state and the ability to use multiple sensors in a category. Either way it works for what i want it to do. :smile:

This is a good start, but I pictured your app slightly different, based on the above statement. I am looking into a virtual presence to turn it off/on based on sensors, because my teenager is very reluctant to install anything on his phone - for fears that we may be tracking his whereabouts. He gets often caught in the dark because of my routines triggered by the ‘everyone leaves’. But he didn’t really complain hard enough for me to start writing something to avoid leaving him in the dark.

Presence Manager 1.0 will definitely do that. Does he not know you don’t need to install anything on his phone to be able to track him with it. #evil grin# i guess that will be our secret.

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I guess your app does do that. Just need to install a virtual presence device. How do I do that? Beside the on/off tile I didn’t use other virtual devices.

Perfect! Thank you…

I tried to use the simulated presence and I am getting an error when I try to set up your app. On the front end I get “you are not authorized…” and in the logs I see: 9cec8519-2b0a-4a72-9985-e3eca86f4b09 12:04:04 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: name for class: java.lang.String @ line 48

Any thoughts? It won’t let me uninstall it either…

I messed around with an implementation like this as well. 2 factor presence is a good way of explaining it. I have a lot of code that thoroughly implents a “wasp in a box” approach to occupancy. If you want to compare notes just hit me up

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Just ran into this issue as well :frowning: Did you ever figure this out?

Presence Manager has been updated to version 1.1
New in this version: Better presence logic, it should work better for more people.
Update: This app is does not work on the android client… Fix coming soonish ?!?


Hey sorry, I replied to you by mistake. I am deleting my comment as it was supposed to be posted on a different thread. As for your question, no I didn’t figure it out, I dropped the project altogether. I am planning to get to it very soon.

Hey, I cannot try the new version because I have the same issue,I cannot select the simulated presence. As soon as I do it, the app crashes.

Any updates on the horizon to get this to work with Android?

It’s in the hands of ST support right now. I’m not happy that the iOS client works differently than the android client either.

Me either :frowning:

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sorry to revive an old thread - but i got this going nicely on my setup. i’d rather nto have to buy presence sensors for possible “guests”.

I have found that the presence sensor works great though i’m curious if anyone is using it to run routines. I’d like to set the virtual presence device to be added to Routine director. But the issue is each time the virtual presence “comes” or “goes” routine director is running the routine - even though my other presence devices are still present. if that makes sense? is shouldn’t run if there is still someone home.