Bulbs that run directly off ST

Hi all,

I currently have a few things in my home; lifx, Nest, ST and echo.
What I want to do though is replace my 8 x GU10 and 10 x e14 (ses) bulbs but I don’t really want to pay silly prices or have to add another hub.
Are there any cheap lights (not colour, just white) that I can connect and run directly off of the ST hub and via echo?


You don’t say where you’re from, so for my reply I’m assuming the US. Check out Lowe’s if you have a store nearby. They’re having a close out sale on Osram Lightify, I picked up a handful a couple weeks ago for under $7 a bulb for warm white.

Sorry, UK so will need to be able to work over here

Sengled LED bulbs are supposed to be really good.


And, as @SteveWhite said, if you have a Lowe’s near you, the OSRAM Lightify bulbs are on clearance.

You could also go the Ikea route: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/lighting/smart-lighting/trådfri-led-bulb-e14-400-lumen-wireless-dimmable-white-spectrum-opal-white-art-70318284/

I think you can use the Sengled bulbs (not sure), but I think your best bet is going to be going the Ikea route. The link I posted is for Ikea UK.

Thanks Bill, I saw the Ikea ones the other day online. And to confirm, I don’t need to pay for the Ikea hub as well as the ST will do the job. I don’t need anything fancy with these ones, just a bit more controllability than my standard on/off wall switches

Yup. You can pair them directly to the hub using this DTH: https://github.com/edvaldeysteinsson/IKEA-Tradfri/blob/master/devicetypes/edvaldeysteinsson/ikea-tradfri.src/ikea-tradfri.groovy (shout out to @Edvald for the great DTH).

I’ve never had any problems pairing them directly to my hub (I have 5 of the basic A14s in my setup), but some people have reported issues with resetting them.

Avoid osram bulbs unless you like having lights randomly turn on in the middle of the night! Sengled bulbs get my vote, they are officially supported, locally executed, dont act as zigbee repeaters, and cheap ($7-$10).

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My OSRAM bulbs never do that, but my Hue bulbs do (had one come on to 100% ~1:30 AM last night in fact). Oddly enough, not a thing in the logs or the Recently tab. :frowning_face: