Bug? Turn off when shouldn't: Turn off after x minutes in smart lighting

Is there still a race condition bug with the built in smart lighting such that the turn off after x minutes Is sometimes NOT cancelled from later motion events?

It is rare, but it seems to happen occasionally.

occasionally lights go out, but waving arm to turn them back on does not work as motion detector is still detecting motion, so need to either physically turn on switch or wait while being very still until motion detects no motion so that we can re-trigger motion event by moving.

This seems to only happen after lights have been on for a long time, like an hour or more, so assume this is a race condition bug or something.

So for most areas I can handle no motion turning off lights when it shouldn’t by making x minutes long enough, like 30 minutes in the den, 10 minutes in the kitchen, 1 minute in the laundry room. In the den 30 minutes seems long enough for the detector to find motion even when watching a movie etc.

For the kitchen 10 minutes seems to be enough. Except for when lights seem to go out even when there is motion.


Thanks for the tips. I will check those things.

Since you are not getting race condition then I know to check other things.