Bug Report With Repro Steps

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] Rule Machine:

First, let me say that I appreciate what you’re doing. Like any app, as development progresses it (hopefully) gets better and therefor is more robust. This app is probably great for a wide use case and a certain level of fault tolerance.

Here’s my Repro steps:

  1. Open Rule Machine
  2. Create Create New Rule or Trigger
  3. Create a Trigger
  4. Set Name to “aaaa”
  5. Define Triggers
  6. Select Capability
  7. Contact
  8. Done
  9. Contact Sensors
  10. Select Sensor
  11. Done
  12. Done
  13. Select the Actions
  14. Turn on these Switches
  15. Select Switch
  16. Done
  17. Done
  18. Done
  19. Receive Error “Invalid Input for: Define Triggers”.

Android or iOS? …

Windows phone mobile app, for those curious. It has some weird behavior, completely different than iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there are major discrepancies to how these three versions of the mobile app function. It’s pretty much impossible for app developers to deal with these issues.

Edited to add: ST is iOS oriented. That is the base platform they develop to. Android comes second. Consequently, it has weird glitches that don’t happen on iOS. Windows Phone has, …, issues. I don’t blame ST for taking this approach, I think it’s a reasonable path to take. It’s never easy to support multiple platforms with complex software.


I don’t think it’s a reasonable approach at all. A reasonable approach would be to cater to market share or the direction taken by your parent company; iOS fails on both counts.

IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Chart

Samsung is just one of many companies producing Android devices, yet all by themselves they have market share over Apple’s iOS. Samsung is also the parent company of SmartThings.

HAHAHA, that’s too funny! Is like saying you wouldn’t blame Homekit for working best on Android! ST is Samsung!

Not at the time the company was started, or when its architecture was designed and put in place. They aren’t in a position to throw it all out just because they were acquired. The purchaser knew what they were buying, an iOS centric company. It’s been what, 15 months? Android mobile app isn’t up to the level of the iOS app. Why is that?

How about as an answer, this isn’t important to Samsung, and they haven’t imposed anything this ridiculous on ST, telling them to act like they are Samsung, instead of who they are.

I agree with you, but is still funny though, in today’s context. And honestly, we know as much about Samsung’s plans for ST, as we know about the internal struggles they are going through, today, to get a handle on their platform…

You mean, nothing and less than nothing?