Creatinga custom action on trigger

(ilker Aktuna) #1


I want to create a custom trigger-action like ;
“when sensor 1 is open , take photo on camera 1"
"when light 1 is on , turn on light 2 as well”

I might also add a condition to this.

So I need a customizable app. Is this doable with default options ?
Is there a smart app that I should use for this ? (it should be customizable)
Or , should I create my own smart app for this ?


(James) #2

This will do it.

(ilker Aktuna) #3

thanks. Is that a smart app ?
under which category ?

(James) #4

It is a community supported smartapp. It is not in the marketplace. You need to set it up via the IDE.

Check out this link for instructions on installing smartapps.

(ilker Aktuna) #5

thanks. I’ve integrated my IDE with my github account and reached the apps rule and rule machine. Now I will try them.
Thank you very much for the assistance.


THANK YOU! I have been searching for days-for directions- on how to get to this app!