Bug Fix Details?

Continuing the discussion from Android 2.0.1 - Release Notes - 09/09/15:

@Ben Where does one find a list of these?

More details would be appreciated.

@Ben How come the iOS release notes got a nice list of specific bug fixes and Android just gets a generic sentence?

I’d love to see that. One of my significant issues with the app crashing (editing a room to move devices around) have stopped.

Just now, the app still crashed while doing activities in the Room view.

For one, the app no longer crashes for me when trying to rearrange ‘Things’ in each room’s view.

I’m trying to track down a full list, but the “fixes” were bug fixes related to automatic crash reports that we receive. We also fixed an issue with the tile view that was causing the app to use too much RAM. There will be more fixes related to performance and crashes shortly.

Hey Tyler… My interest in this list is to know specifically what was fixed so that I can verify the fix on my own devices. Being as transparent as possible in this regard is a win win as you get verification from a sample of devices and OS revs you couldn’t possibly keep in house.

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