Bug! Cannot blank out field: SmartTiles Video tile and others, SMS. Android v2.0.5

Maybe im missing something, but how to delete tile? eg. try to add video feed, updating is working but when i try to clean fields it looks like its ignoring it. Simply can not save empty video tile, so cant get rid of once created one.

I am having the same problem with the phone number for SMS (in Dahsboard menu). I can’t seem to find a way to remove it.

yea just noticed, cant have empty field at all anywhere, kinda weird noone have problem with that

You may want to email smarttiles support address for this. It appears to be a bug.


If this is a SmartThings app email Smart Thing support

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Hi Lind,

This is a known issue, though we’re still researching. Could you all let me know what SmartThings mobile platform (Android, iOS) and make sure you are on the latest SmartThings mobile app?

Android for me. And yes, I have the latest.

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latest android, marshmallow on nexus 7

It appears there’s a bug in SmartThings mobile app that prevents deletion of text inputs. We will consider workarounds and will post a solutions asap.

Continuing the discussion from SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility:

@MongoRanger, @DjAnu, @raggedrebel92, @Paulo, @RoadRunner, @Lind_Lau_el_Loren, @qfwfq, etc.

This appears to be a bug in SmartThings Android v2.0.5. It works fine in Android v2.0.3 and in iOS v2.0.4. This affects text and phone number fields in any (?) SmartApp. Not a SmartTiles specific problem.

@slagle: I have opened Support Ticket #157504; since it is a development problem, tagging you for possible assistance. Thanks!

In Android 2.0.5, after setting and saving an optional input field, when the user returns to alter their configuration, if they completely blank out the field and save (“done”), the field returns to the previously saved value: i.e., it is not possible to completely blank out a field.

Observed with both a “text” and “phone” field, but others not tested.

This bug is does not occur on Android 2.0.3, nor Apple iOS 2.0.4.

Cross reference:

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I am having the same issue.

Me to android 5.1.1 sgs6e device. New smartiles. Video and phone # can be edited but not deleted

Hi Troy…

This is a SmartThings bug, not an SmartTiles one.
Please escalate to Support@SmartThings.com and ask them to refer to Ticket #157504.