Can Not Delete Old Videos form smarthings

Starting this last week I have been unable to delete old videos that my System has recorded! Previously i would go in Daily check my Videos & delete the old one’s! I have emailed tech support using Smarthings app & sent screenshots of it only attempting to cancel them but it just buffers & does nothing even after 2 or 3 minutes! Tech came back & said uninstall reinstall clear cache! Did that but it did nothing! I sent them same info & gave them access to my act so the could troubleshoot! But have not heard anything back yet! I have not Changed any of my setting or hardware, my Hub is on line & all my Automations work fine! But can not delete old videos that have are in storage! I have good internet! The troubleshooting guide hasn’t been updated because it tells you can delete them by going to history!!! No you can not! My app is up to date & tried it from Samsung tablet & Samsung phone! It just started this week! Any ideas out there would be appreciated! Still waiting Samsung Smarthings tech support on latest email error report!!!