Can Not Delete Old Videos form smarthings

Starting this last week I have been unable to delete old videos that my System has recorded! Previously i would go in Daily check my Videos & delete the old one’s! I have emailed tech support using Smarthings app & sent screenshots of it only attempting to cancel them but it just buffers & does nothing even after 2 or 3 minutes! Tech came back & said uninstall reinstall clear cache! Did that but it did nothing! I sent them same info & gave them access to my act so the could troubleshoot! But have not heard anything back yet! I have not Changed any of my setting or hardware, my Hub is on line & all my Automations work fine! But can not delete old videos that have are in storage! I have good internet! The troubleshooting guide hasn’t been updated because it tells you can delete them by going to history!!! No you can not! My app is up to date & tried it from Samsung tablet & Samsung phone! It just started this week! Any ideas out there would be appreciated! Still waiting Samsung Smarthings tech support on latest email error report!!!


Same issue here using the Samsung SmartThings Indoor Security Camera (GP-U999COVLBDA). No way to delete video stored in the cloud.

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