BUG: Android Mobile App (2.3.0) issue with Time input

There seems to be a problem with the Android SmartThings app and the input type of time.
input name: "MyTime1", type: "time", title: "Test Time Input", required: false

When you browse a SmartApp that has an input type of "time", if a time is entered, it cannot be later cleared on the Android SmartApp. It can be cleared on the iPhone SmartApp because it has a small (x) to the right of the time. If another input is required based on if time is clear or not, that input will be stuck in the required state until an Android user can access an iPhone to clear the setting, for example:

input name: "MyTime1", type: "time", title: "Test Time Input", required: false input name: "MyTime2", type: "time", title: "Test Time Input", required: ${(!(MyTime1 == null || MyTime1 == ""))}

On the Android App, if you press on the set time, the clock is displayed if you click cancel, it somewhat appears to clear the setting; however it does not actually do so. The Android App needs the little (x) to the right of a set time input.

Anyone else seeing this?
I’ll be submitting as a bug to SmartThings support ( submitted: Support request #329459 )

I’ve found a workaround for Android (or maybe it’s the intended method which differs from iOS’s method, but it’s not clear that upon entering the time setting dialog that pressing “cancel” will clear a time input for the user).

On Android:
In the instance where one time input is required (the slave) based on another time input being present (the master), then the you must first go into the time setting for the master and press cancel, then done, then go back to the same configuration page press the slave, press cancel, then press done.

On iOS, you just simply press the circled (x) next to the time inputs and you’re done.

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