[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

That worked thank you. I tried it when I first replaced the camera with no luck. It was still picking up the old camera ID and date and time just before I replaced the camera. I checked the SmartThings IDE just now and noticed an updated connection date and time. I deselected the camera saved on my way out and then selected it and saved on my way out. Things are as they should be again. Thank you.


Is there any variables/events for detecting if the temperature of a Nest thermostat is changed manually not programatically? if so, how can it be used?

So I was able to make this work. I have just one Nest Device, its the Nest Thermostat.
How do i enable Nest Presence and Nest Weather? Is it a feature that comes wtih Nest thermostat? When i click on both the buttons, it says “cannot connect to device, check device and try again”. BTW the nest thermostat is perfectly working.

The NST Manager app can create these, but it is important that you have already installed the device handlers (so it can do it).

After the DTH’s have been installed in the IDE, go into NST manager and enable them, and done/save/next your way out.

If you are still have problems, IDE logs are where to look. Mostly likely it is an installation issues that the device handlers were not installed/saved/published correctly.

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@E_Sch, thanks for your replies mate.
I wanted to report back, that I can view the Nest Presence and Nest Weather in “Smartthings Classic” app. Its showing fine in there. Just that the error pops up for these two virtual devices in the new Smartthings app. Is it normal? Or it shud work in both? If thats the case, why would it work on one and not on other if the settings are incorrect?

It is normal. Many custom device tiles don’t work in the new ST app.


@MinerJason this is perfect, thanks! I was looking for last Connection but somehow missed it. I imported your sample and modified it for my needs and it’s working great, thanks!

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@TonyFleisher Thank you!!

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I have checked virtual devices for weather and humidity. But I do not see those devices in my device list?

Can you expand upon what you configured with this and the lastEventStart trigger? Do you have screen shot of the condition you set for the motion trigger?

I am having trouble with NST manager connection to my thermostat. I have two thermostats: one upstairs and one downstairs. The downstairs responds fine every time but the upstairs will not. How do I reset the connection or the thermostat or is there something else I need to do/check to get this working? thanks.

I have a flaky installation of the latest configuration.

I have two location with a Nest Thermostat in each. Both locations have been online since the early versions of the Nest thermostat incorporation into ST.

My device handlers show what appear to be duplicate handlers.

I get update notices which do not disappear after updating. I get missed custom schedules, setpoints and HVAC changes. It seems like I have the old stuff still connected to my automations?

The Live logging shows several errors, including
NST Manager (v5.5.6) | NST THERMOSTAT DEVICE UPDATE REQUIRED: Thermostat 9DGwRhzuF9VifYHM8p3ScuDROURHfn0B (v5.3.1) | REQUIRED: (v5.4.3) | Update the Device code to the latest software in the IDE

My concern is that one of the thermostats is 500 miles away and I will not be there until March. I don’t want to bring the hub or other automations down.

Here’s my Device Handlers

How do I go about removing the duplicates to get the automations to be stable? Do I remove all Nest and NST and start over?

I removed the problem thermostat and re-added it into both nest and ST and it now seems to work.

Hi, I was hoping to get some clarification on something.

See image to get an idea of what I’m doing.

I’m in the north east, so in the summer, I turn off my thermostats (they do not cool). In the late fall I turn the thermostats back on.

I have my daily eco/heat based on presence, which is working great. Now I want to do it for the season.

What is the difference between the custom ‘offbtn’ and the device ‘turn off’?

I’m not sure which to use.

off() is the standard thermostat capability to turn things off, so I suggest you use standard capabilities when they do what you want.

Depending the the UI, some devices have custom commands, mainly for tile use / display.

Part of my piston (2 posts up) is to use the ‘temperature’ . Is there a set time period that this device maintains?

I tried testing it set to ‘at least 2 minutes’ and it seems to fire…
When I change it to 5 days, it doesn’t. Both IF statements fail.

Guy - I don’t think this evaluates based on history (though, that is what I thought the first time I used it too). The way I have seen it work would be: when the temp changes, EVALUATE, if temp greater than or equal to 65, wait for “5 days” or “the temperature to go under 65”, if you make it through 5 days, then fire the action(s), OTHERWISE (the else if), if less than or equal 60 …

you could test by doing an hour and see when it happens or even enable trace and see if it is sitting in a wait more there with a timer. Or you could use https://wiki.webcore.co/Weather and use something like $weather.almanac.almanac.temp_high.normal.F

Thanks for the reply.

It is counting down right now.

I’ll have to give your idea a shot.

I think it should look at the forecast for the next 3 days anyway…

How about this:

(thats the first time I have tried to paste a copy of a piston, lets see how it looks)

This has always worked great for me, then as of this morning, it just stopped. I’ve updated the device drivers and smart apps. Within SmartThings, it seems like it’s connected, but the information it shows when I click on the device is incorrect. For example, the Nest is set to 70, but it says 66. I’ve tried deleting the login info and re-entering, but still nothing. Anyone else having this issue?