Broadlink and IR Candles working on ActionTiles

I have a Broadlink mini controlling 7 battery operated IR candles. I can control them fully through Alexa by saying “Alexa turn on Candles”. To turn them off I have to say “Alexa Mute Candles”. I created a virtual switch to turn on the candles using the new Alexa routines integration. They turn on with no issue using actiontiles but I can figure out how to turn them off using Smartthings.
Broadlink does not allow both power on and power off during the learning setup mode that is why I have to use Alexa Mute Candles to turn off.
Any ideas would be helpful.

Hey there, could you not try using a virtual switch in smartthings then use alexa routine’s to control the IR candels? Do the candles also have separate ON and OFF ir commands too or do you only have a toggle power button?

There is a way to control broadlink devices through smartthings using an android app called RM Plugin but this needs to be running on an android device 24/7 on your WiFi in order for not to work. There’s also a device handler and smartapp for ST integration too but it quite long winded…

I’m trying to avoid using the RM bridge. I already have a virtual switch turning on the candles but the candle controller uses a seperate on and off instead of a toggle switch.

I finally did it without using a seperate RM plugin device or WebCore.

The issue with Broadlink’s mini 3 IHC APP is that you can only train the power on/off button as one action because that is how TV controllers work. On the candle’s infra red controller there is an “on” and seperate “off” button. So to train the “on” power button using the IHC Broadlink APP from the candle’s controller it is easy because you assign it to the TV IHC power button to “on”. To create an “off” button on the Broadlink IHC APP I trained the mute button as “off”.

With the recent change in Amazon Alexa you now can have the an Alexa routine run a scene. So for the “off” button I created a candle off scene in the IHC Broadlink device which shows up on the Alexa Smart Home phone APP. Note this does not work on Amazon Echo using the browser.

Now my virtual “candle” switch which I have on my action tiles can turn on and off the two candle routines I created in Alexa. To create an ST trigger which shows up in the Alexa APP I used ST’s SmartApps Smart Lighting.

When I walk in the house I can say Alexa “turn on romantic music” or press the Romantic button I created in Actiontiles and now my Alexa romantic music playlist that I created turns on at preset volume level and dims some lights and turns on my eight candles. Nice project to do on a cold cloudy day while watching football.

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