Broadlink Integration in 2023?

I dont know if this is the correct thread to ask this for, but is someone working or considering working on a Broadlink integration with Smartthings?


That’d be nice. I always have issues with virtual things to alexa to broadlink and back again. Either it all takes too long or doesn’t happen at all

What type of Broadlink devices do you have?

I have several RF remote controls and a few IR ones

This lack of integration for me is crucial to be able to use ST
( BroadLink RM4 pro)

I have multiple minis and a couple of RM4 pros

I’ve got RF and IR devices to integrate too.

Are you guys using the old method with an android device as gateway?

Is this the right place to ask for new features?
This lack of integration is really frustrating. I wrote to Broadlink and they answered that it is not yet planned for them to support ST.
Maybe if more people complained…

At this point, SmartThings has made its API publicly available, so it is up to the device manufacturers to create and maintain the integrations. So the feature requests have to go to BroadLink. And to be honest, most manufacturers aren’t very interested in doing the time and work to create a SmartThings-specific integration. :thinking:

The good news is that Broadlink’s parent company HAS recently joined the standards organization for Matter. The whole point of Matter is for home automation device manufacturers to have to create only one integration which would then work with all the major platforms, including SmartThings, Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, and more.

Matter is just starting to roll out and there have been quite a few bumps along the way, but I think it’s the most likely way that BroadLink and smartthings would integrate in, say, a year or so.

But the emphasis on matter also means that fewer and fewer companies are interested in doing labor-intensive proprietary integrations like one unique to smartthings.

So probably the best thing to do is to ask BroadLink if they intend to be a “matter bridge“ which is the way they would integrate with smartthings.

More discussion of matter in a smartthings context:

Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)


This would be great and its well overdue.
Im sure its capable with Home Assistant but it takes some work!

I got loads of battery 433 and RF controllers and wired them to all the little battery Christmas decorations my wife has and a load of ir/rf candles too.
It would be great if ST could see all the devices state, would make life much easier