Broadlink RM4 mini

Does anyone know if there is any integration available for the Broadlink RM4 mini with SmartThings?

Broadlink RM4 mini

It seems to be a very affordable IR blaster and it would be great to use it with SmartThings

I was looking into this, but hadn’t really came to a conclusion on which models integrate with the custom codes, and what extra steps might be needed to make them work.

I had decided that I would eventually get around to integrating IFTTT with Smartthings, which I believe would allow for control from most of the Broadlink devices, which may be what the custom code is about, anyway. Not sure.

I wouldn’t be much help from there, but thought I would share where I’m at.

I’m not aware of any integration with smartthings. I have mine connected via Alexa and virtual devices/switches.
It works very good.
My tip is careful which one you buy.
The pro version which is a bit bigger but as we’ll as the IR blaster also has an RF sender. (Some only have 1 freq some have dual 433 & 315)