Bright Switch

Does anyone think Bright Switch will be integratabtle with ST? It is wave and ta elks about being able to control other wave switches and other Bright Switch switches but, I can’t tell if it is even feasible for this to be one day theoretically integrated. Thoughts?

I e-mailed the company to see what they have to say.

I don’t want to take to long to find out because I want to take advantage of the pre-order offer before it disappears.

Emailing the company is your best bet for a device that doesn’t even exist yet.

I would personally advise against pre-ordering, as the majority of these gadgets either are significantly delayed and/or are released with bugs and major feature disappointments.

If it makes it successfully to market and the business survives… Then it is very highly likely it can be integrated with SmartThings in many ways.

Thanks. I think I will wait after all.

Wise choice…

Of course I wish the company well, and this is a clever design.

But if they are successful, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to purchase … and the price might even come down as they need to compete in the marketplace.

If you need a dashboard of some sort in the meantime, checkout