GE Bluetooth Switches

Howdy! First post to the Community but have been lurking for about six months … anyway …

In addition to the GE Z-Wave and Zigbee switches, HomeDepot is now carrying the Bluetooth variety (Bluetooth Timer Switch and Bluetooth Smart Dimmer) … they come in packaging similar to the new GE Z-Wave and Zigbee boxes, but are blue (sorry can’t attach a pic for some reason). The description includes:

“Bluetooth Smart lighting controls solve previous issues associated with the short range of Bluetooth technology by maximizing range with the new and emerging CSR Mesh chipset, allowing each device to act as a repeater, simply add more devices to extend the coverage of your entire home …”

Another alternative for those with Hub v2 … once (if) Bluetooth gets turned on.


OK, I just needed to drag the pic over …hehe

The wife came home with these and said, “Look honey, I got a great deal on these”. I too would like to know if they work. I looked on IFTT with no luck as expected. I installed the AVI-ON app and it is “VERY” Bluetooth, so I don’t think you will get ST support. It would need a fulltime Bluetooth gateway is my guess. If I get time I will yank a switch out and put one of these things in and see what happens.

Amazon Q&A -


Does it work with Samsung Smartthings?


No, the GE Bluetooth Smart Devices are not integrated with SmartThings.
By Jasco Products MANUFACTURER on October 4, 2017