Breaker switch: z wave or Zigbee

(Bradthawley) #1

I have a ductless air conditioner in an office (I live in Texas = hot).  It maxes out at 230 volts, uses 12 AMPs, 1920 watts, and has a minimum circuit ampacity (MCA) of 16. Is there a way I can cut or supply power to the unit via smartthings?  Obviously, the unit isn’t created with built-in zwave (or other) compatibility. Perhaps there is an existing z-wave or zigbee breaker where I could install it in the breaker box?  Maybe there’s a better way or alternative so that I can turn the unit either on or off remotely?

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

(Gray) #2

I think that such a thing exists, but (a) you’re not going to like how much it would cost, and (b) good luck finding someone to install it.


But I did find this:


Will something like this work?

(Bradthawley) #4

Yes… that would work, I believe.  Thanks ReyM.  I will look into ordering this.

(Saxnix) #5

I can’t remember where I saw it but I came across a Zigbee (or might have been Z-wave) IR blaster that you might be able to use to control the A/c. Different approach but I think it would achieve the same result and probably the type of thing I will need to use. Here is Australia it is not common to have ducted air conditioning vs a split system.