Plug In Power Meter? (Looking for Zigbee/ZWave Kill-A-Watt Equivalent)

Just as the subject suggests… I’m basically looking for a ZigBee/ZWave version of a plug-in kill-a-watt type of device with no switching capabilities. Possibly something with all the same abilities as a kill-a-watt, does anyone know of anything like this?

If you don’t know what a kill-a-watt is. I’m basically looking for a device I can plug in between the appliance and the wall and it monitors volts, amps, watts, kWh, etc, but this information would be available in SmartThings.

Why is this a restriction?

Many ZigBee and Z-Wave switchable outlets have power metering (not sure how accurate…), and the switch is just a side-effect you can ignore.

You could, for example, copy the DTH and make a custom version that removes “capability Switch”.

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If you can find an Aeon Smart Energy Switch, then you can use my DH, OR you can use another energy switch (like the newer Aeon switch, the Iris/ST smart plug, and several others) and tweak my DH for that device. My DH has configurable preferences specifically for the Aeon device, including the ability to disable on/off switch capabilities. None of the devices that I know of have amps or volts, unless you get the Aeon HEM device.

Here’s more info:


@tgauchat Mostly because I’m curious if the options are out there. For certain things, I just don’t want / trust the switch to be on there depending on what is plugged into it.

For example, I have one on my washer, my xbox, my desktop computer, and a couple other things. I haven’t had any issues to date, but I’ve heard of people having issues with certain devices turning on or off on their own. I don’t want to chance if for whatever reason something happens, that they decide to shut off in the middle of usage on those sensitive devices. They are only on those devices because I am taking advantage of the wattage monitoring. I use CoRE to set a wattage range and I created virtual switches that CoRE tuns on or off so I know when the devices is on or off based on it’s wattage (from there I use SharpTools and takser to do different things as well). I use the one on the washer to know when it’s done with the current load, since mine doesn’t have a notification sound.

Even if it’s something as simple as my girlfriend (who uses the ST app all the time) accidentally turning something off.

Yes…I know I can modify the device handler to avoid the accidental off scenario, and probably even the rogue off command. But there’s always something…like this new OTA firmware feature…what if a firmware update starts, and part of the firmware involves cycling the switch.

I also want to make sure that if, for example, the power goes out, the device comes right back on, I don’t have to make sure the smart switch turns back on, not all of them default on when power is restored.

EDIT: to be honest, I feel like that would be a good next step for P3 international anyways (maker of Kill-A-Watt). If they implemented zigbee, zwave or even wifi (with API for ST to connect) support into their products, I think it would be a hit.

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