Relay switches to control AC unit and fan?

I want to use my existing tempature sensors and a smart things plugin to control my AC unit.

I would like to be able to run the fan and compressor separately, so I am looking for a 2 relay ZigBee or zwave device.

Note I am not looking to control the 110v power to the unit. I want to rewire the built in switches so I can trigger the fan and cooling with my smart things hub.

It’s an old AC with just an unmarked dial for temp control. I could just use an appliance module but that wouldn’t let me use the fan without the AC.

Besides, this is more fun, and having simple relays to trigger other things would be neat as well.

Thanks! you need a dry contact relay which I’m not sure this one is capable of. I have never used this brand. There are single Z-Wave relay units very easy to find.