Brand New Simplisafe Gear for Sale


I have a brand new in the box Simplisafe Command Echo set for sale. I am also selling this with 2 brand new extra door/window/entry sensors. I will let it go for $409 via Paypal (Family and Friends to avoid the fees) which will include shipping, which is a good $90 savings compared to buying on Amazon. US Only. Please PM if interested.

In total, you will receive:

1 Base Station
1 Keypad
8 Entry Sensors
2 Motion Sensors
1 Auxiliary Siren
1 Glassbreak Sensor
1 Smoke Detector
1 Panic Button
2 Keychain remotes

Community supported integration with Smartthings is available here:

Sounds like a good deal, GLWS. Does this integrate with ST?

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Not directly but actually it does if you pay for the $25/mo plan. My house arms and disarms based on smart things presence sensors and it’s great.

Yes, the integration works pretty well if all you want to do is arm and disarm system from Smartthings. I modified my original post to reflect this.

A lot of people want to keep their security and HA systems separate from a reliability and physical standpoint but want them to communicate with each other and Simplisafe does the job from this aspect.