SmartThings + SimpliSafe + Google Assistant + Amcrest Cams Setup

Hello all,

I’ve put off making this post for almost a year because my needs and setup have been evolving, but I feel like I’m at a place where I’m ready to install things and I’m certainly going to need help.

I’m going to be specific about what gear I have so that I’m not wasting anyone’s time.
I’m a 20 year vet in IT Management, so I don’t mind diving off into the technical details, but I also don’t wanna reinvent the wheel or go down a path of “I’m gonna MAKE this work” simply to “prove that I can”. So if you read through this and think “dude, you’re gonna waste so much time with this setup”, please save me the headache and just tell me straight away and how I should best proceed instead lol

All of my “SmartThings” items have been owned for a few years and I’ve just purchased the “SimpleSafe system” + the “Google” items. I’m not against “throwing away” one system or another, but it’d be nice to be able to connect the two (SimpliSafe & SmartThings) + be able to use voice automation via Google Assistant etc.

I’ll try to summarize my “ideal outcome” at the bottom of this post.
I’ve outlined the items, model numbers, and quantities below:

• 3200 sq ft, 5BR, 3BA house (1 BR/My Office is upstairs) [got alot of kids lol]

• I’ll spare you the details, but I have an enterprise level network setup in the house w/ CAT6
everywhere and full WiFi coverage - (Don’t mind sharing those details if asked/necessary)

"SmartThings-Specific" Items (came as part of a Samsung ST Home Monitoring Kit)
Pretty sure these things are Zigbee (Thanks @JDRoberts for correcting me)
• SmartThings Hub (v2)
• SmartSense Motion Sensor (1x)
• Multipurpose Sensor (6x)

SimpliSafe Items - Just purchased
• Video Doorbell (1x)
• Base Station (1x)
• Wireless Keypad (1x)
• Entry Sensors (10x)
• Motion Sensor (4x)
• Auxiliary Siren (1x)
• Smoke Detectors (4x)

"Google" Items - Just purchased
• Nest Minis (5x) - [ GA00638-US ]
• Home/Nest Hubs - 7" (4x) - [ GA00516-US ]

Miscellaneous Items
• Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub (1x) - [ MYQ-G0301-E ]
• ecobee Smart Thermostat w/Voice Control (2x) - [ EB-STATE5-01 ]
• Multiple Wi-Fi Connected In-Wall & Plugin switches (Multiple brands etc)

  • (Can be more specific with model/brand etc if necessary)
    • Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor (5x) - [ PID 15270 ]
    • First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - WiFi (1x) - [ ZCOMBO ]
    • Amcrest 1080p PTZ IP Camera (6x) - [ IP2M841B ]
    • Blink Cameras (6x) - [ BCM00100U ]
    • GoControl Home Security Suite (Z-Wave 908.42 MHz)
  1. Siren + Strobe (1x) - [ WA105DBZ-1 ]
  2. Motion Sensor (1x) - [ WAPIRZ-1 ]
  3. Door/Window Sensor (3x) - [ WADWAZ-1 ]

So, as you can tell, it’s quite a collection of stuff lol
I’ve outlined my ideal outcome below. Feel free to suggest that I simply discard portion of this, ask any questions, tell me to stick with one :slight_smile:


Be able to install wall-mounted tablets of some sort in the Master Bedroom and at each of the exterior facing doors that can interact with both the Security System and the Automated portions of this system. I’d like to be able to use those tablets to be able to check the status of the Alarm System, interact with Home Automation items (ie switches, lights, etc) manually, and maybe even interact with the Google Nest 7" Hubs via video (think tablet to Google Nest Hub video conferencing) that will be installed in each of the kids’ rooms.

I don’t mind buying additional gear or replacing what’s already here, but if possible, I’d like to be able to utilize all of the motion, door/window, and other sensors I’ve already purchased. I realize they’re multiple brands & multiple technologies and as I stated above, I’m not against choosing 1 to run with, if necessary.

I’d also like to be able to install the Blink Cameras outside and the Amcrest Cams inside the home and be able to both see them + interact with them via the “tablets” and other means. I don’t want to lose the ability to remotely manage and interact with them, but I also want the wife and kids to be able to see those cams from some sort of display in at least 1 area of the house.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but I’d genuinely like to hear all of your advice, suggestions, and ideas. I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself into a date setup. Hoping all of you can help me spend my time and my money wisely.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Those are zigbee. smartThings doesn’t have any branded devices that are Z wave.

Whatever you’re going to make work, it’s important to know the model numbers and the protocols. :wink:

Doh! Thanks for the input.

At first glance, I don’t see any repeaters for either Z wave or Zigbee in your set up. That’s going to be important If you leave smartthings in the mix.

Read post 11 in the following thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thing. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

Note, however, that simplisafe operates on its own protocol and cannot integrate directly with any of your SmartThings devices in either direction. You can see what other people have done in the following thread:

SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)

I’ll give that a looking over. That’s honestly been one of my concerns. While WiFi enabled devices are more common nowadays, I’m going to have to get some “hardwired” Zigbee or Z-Wave devices installed in order to keep the SmartThings devices in the mix. Back when I bought the SmartThings items, WiFi Automation devices weren’t commonplace. Fast-Forward to today, you can buy a WiFi smart outlet for $5. So now I’ve got quite a bit of money in BOTH technologies. Hmmmph :frowning:

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As far as this, OK, yeah that’s pretty much my reaction. If your primary interest is security, I’d get rid of all of it and either go with ring with Echo or abode with HomeKit. But that’s just me. :sunglasses:

Both have better camera integration than simplisafe, though.

First rule of home automation: the model number matters. The Zcombo is their Z wave device, so you would have to have a zwave hub to use it.

Their WiFi models are in the OneLink line.

Ok. So the primary need is security. Do you think I’m going to have a ton of trouble (or is it even possible?) to integrate my Blink and Amcrest Cams into an Abode system?

I guess my primary wants, outside of an accessible and automated security system, will be Google Assistant integration (I’m a 100% Android guy but my kids and wife are Apple junkies), and the ability to use the tons of dollars worth of cameras I already own lol

Great question, I just don’t know the answer. Hopefully others with similar device set ups will chime in soon. :sunglasses:

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