Bought used kit of Amazon one multi sensor does not turn on

I bought a used Smart kit v2 off amazon warehouse deals. Everything looked new in box except one of the multi sensors did not have the plastic sticker that had to be pulled out to pair it with the hub. When I tried to pair it, it would not show up, and no led appears on the device. Could it just be the battery draining or the device itself is bad.

The battery would be my 1st thought. Especially since it didn’t have a pull tab

It may have been paired before, you will need to do a hard reset.

Quick start guide has the checks!/products/samsung-smartthings-motion-sensor

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turned out to be the battery. Will need to get a replacement. Does Walmart sell these?

Not sure about walmart, I know I picked a pack up at home depot when I was in a pinch and didn’t want to wait on amazon

I thought it was the battery, so ordered a pair of Panasonic CR2450. Today after replacing the battery same behavior.

Motion sensor has no led when I take out and put in the battery while holding down the connect button

On the multi sensor, when I insert the battery, the led turns green for 2 seconds then goes off. It never turns blue at all. Do I have 2 defective sensors?

Its possible is dead and that is why there was a returned to Amazon. I have had decent success with Amazon deals, but there is some risk.

It might be covered under ST warranty or Amazon may take a exchange. Which is nice cause they ship to you immediately, and you can probably keep the hub you already have kinda set up.

I contactd Amazon. Since it was sold by Amazon warehouse, it is not replaceable under Amazon’s T&C. aAll they can do is give me a full refund ad I send it back. I will wait and see what ST support says before returning it.

Bummer, they must not have a unit at the same price point to switch it out. Hopefully ST will do a warranty replacement.