Bought my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Today I bit the bullet and bought the following setup. A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B a real time clock hat, power supply, official 7" touchscreen and the official case for the screen which holds the Pi. I bought the Lego case for the novelty. I plan to run ActionTiles to start, but plan on other ST integrations. I guess I will run the native OS, but not sure which browser will work. Anyone have any experence doing this?

hello i am currently running a pi with the rpi 7" screen and have chrome running kiosk mode with ActionTiles. Works good except i have to login everytime i restart the pi. i think its a cookies thing, i just never had the time to look into it. Its really responsive and looks good. I have it installed on a 3u rack slot custom made to fit the 7" screen. I will try to take a pic soon if you want. I run raspian jessie with pixel, it works pretty good. Since its all inside the rack, i VNC to it from my pc or phone and do any changes i want or just ssh to it.
Its a good setup

Hi all,

I am waiting on my new Pi Zero W. Can you tell me how and where to get the Windows 10 built for it? I am going to set it up as a webcam and a VLC Thing to replace my C.H.I.P. VLC Thing project (posted some time ago on the ST forum).

From everything I could find, Windows 10 IOT is not compatible with the Pi Zero because it runs an ARM v6 CPU and Windows 10 IOT requires ARM v7.

can I get a Wind 7 install on it?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. No version of Windows is going to run on this board currently. Might be time to learn a little Linux. Not all that hard once you get going.

I am not in Kiosk mode, but ActionTiles opens where I left off every time. No logon required.

I am going to install Ubuntu on this Pi zero W.

I am running Pixel. Just installed a real time clock HAT and Tuesday I will be getting delivered a IR auto shutdown HAT. That card allows me to shut down the Pi by either remote control or button. It automatically enters the commands so the SD isn’t damaged. The real time clock allows perfect time even with power off. I am trying to figure out a way to have the screen come on when I walk in front of it using the Pi camera. So far no luck.

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