Bosch Motion Sensor (ISW-ZPR1-WP13) : Smartthings v2 hub

Ok has anyone ever suspected a hub issue before? After constant issues trying to pair devices to this hub at my mothers house I tried pairing another device the IRIS Centralite keypad, same problem as I was facing with the Bosch sensor, gets detected and shows up as a “Thing” every time I pair it but never responds or works even after manually assigning the device handler. I took the two Centralite keypads and the Bosch PIR sensor to my own hub, and guess what same exact device drivers and had no problems pairing either device with my hub. So I suspect the issue is related to the remote hub, both hubs are v2’s running the exact firmware. Just was wondering if anyone had a hub go bad or corrupt before. Also something was odd with this remote hub, when I would login to my IDE page and view this hubs location and then get details about the hub I would be missing the view utilities menu. I just noticed this the other day cause it said this hub had Zigbee OTA disabled but my main hub doesn’t. Not that I suspect this is an issue but sure want to be able to push out firmware updates to my zigbee devices if I can. Going to ring Smarthings support, don’t expect much help from them, might have to see if they can switch out the hub for me or offer other suggestions. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before?

I’m sure this has been asked and answered many times but I’m still having an issue finding a definitive answer so I’m hoping someone here can shed some light.

My understanding is these Bosch Motion Sensors (ISW-ZPR1-WP13) work on about a 4 minute cycle.

  1. Detect Motion
  2. State = Active
  3. State = Inactive
  4. Sleeps ~ 4 Minutes

Is it true that while the motion sensor is in its “sleep state” its not going to detect any motion and the state will remain inactive?

What I haven’t been able to determine is what happens after the 4 minutes? Does the motions sensor continue “detecting” until it detects motion again or does it go back into a sleep state even if it doesn’t detect motion.

Thanks, Glenn

I have a couple of these motion sensors. I have used the “tomasaxerot” DH since it was new. Eventually I had to disable it because it kept on triggering for no apparent reason. It was sitting on a stationary shelf about 6" from the front edge of the shelf so there would be no way that my 3 small dachshunds would set it off. I do have 2 ceiling fans within range. There are also forced heat and air ducts in the ceiling. I am using a V2 hub and the classic app. The temperature sensor works, but I think it needs an offset temperature adjustment. I think it reads a bit “warm”.

Is it possible for either the ceiling fans or the forced heat and air conditioning to trigger these sensors?

I have had mines connected for a year now and I have two questions. Is this sensor still only compatible with the smartthings classic app. Anytime I try to connect using the newer app it says can’t connect. Also the batter life still says 100% after 1 year. Is the battery percentage accurate?

I have two sensors and for the life of me can’t get either to work. Relatively newbie for smartthings but generally tech savy. Have done certain work-arounds with other sensors but can’t get these [Bosch Motion Sensors (ISW-ZPR1-WP13)] to pair. Got the handler from here:
Restarted hub several times, repeated step 7 maybe 10 times on each - no luck. Any more tips or alternative work-arounds?

My Bosch motion detector detects motion every 3 minutes, always detects it, sleep or not

Mines shows up in SmartThings classic and regular. Works as intended. If I go into details on regular app, it won’t show me most info, but on classic it shoes current temp, etc. Seems to work fine